Interview: Meghan Kennedy

Posted on April 17, 2012


Where are you from originally? And where are you living now?

Seattle, Washington. Brooklyn, New York.

What first drew you to playwriting and a life in the theatre?
My older brother.  He wrote songs and acted in plays and I wanted to be him.

What was the first play you ever wrote and has it been produced?
Everybody was set on fire at the end of the first play I ever wrote.  Very uplifting.  It was produced in Ireland.

What inspires you?

Good food, good art, interesting people.

Under what conditions do you write best?
Pressure.  With an animal nearby.

What was the initial inspiration for the play being workshopped at PlayPenn?
The image of a door dividing someone from the rest of the world.

Why did you decide to apply to PlayPenn, and what do you hope to get out of the conference?
When I was in grad school, I was able to come and observe one of the PlayPenn Conferences.  I was really struck by how they did things.  Everybody involved  seemed to genuinely care.  It was a very supportive and productive environment.  I wanted to be a part of it.

What’s the oddest job you’ve ever had while supporting yourself as a writer? Appraising, buying and selling rare books.  I guess that’s not that odd but it was really interesting. I loved it.

If you could change anything about the American theatre, what would it be?
There would be more opportunities for emerging playwrights to see their work produced. There is an increasing number of opportunities for readings, but there comes a point where you need to see it on its feet, moving around.

Complete this sentence: I write plays because …

I saw Death of a Salesman last night.  I write plays because of the experience I had inside of that theater.

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